Free Full-Service Kitchen Design Consultation

Get a Custom Design Plan From Expert Renovators

Is your kitchen outdated, tedious to use, or lacking storage space? Our free design consultation will provide you with a clear vision for a new and improved kitchen.


“I focus on building kitchens that are practical, inspiring, and most importantly, right for you. It’s all about your needs, your lifestyle, your vision.”  — Anthony Rose, Lead Designer of Rose Kitchens

During your one-on-one consultation visit, we’ll discuss:

  • Beautifying with new styles
  • Improving functionality
  • Maximizing space & storage
  • Solving your biggest problems
  • Making the most of your budget

We deliver a complete design proposal, including a computer-generated model in full HD. You’ll have a full preview of the final result. All textures, colors, and unique touches, laid out in your one-of-a-kind design package.

This free consultation is valued at £400. Get access to 27 years of hands-on experience and expertise, at zero cost or commitment. Really, there’s no catch. We help you see your kitchen’s exciting potential, no strings attached.

“Beautiful design aside, the bottom line about our kitchen is it’s a joy to use.” — Paul & Andrea McCarthy  

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